Multifunctional Center


Vilnius Vartai is a complex of offices, commercial and residential premises. Functionality, versatility, interior and exterior materials of the highest quality, modern interior and exterior spaces are really the key characteristics defining this project. Unique technologies and infrastructure ensure that Vilniaus Vartai is a distinctive gem among all projects in Vilnius.

UAB Deifakta redesigned and refurbished some of the premises of the multifunctional complex, creating new work spaces that are distinguished by their functionality, attitude towards the quality of the working environment perfectly matched with other residential and commercial objects in the complex. After the successful conversion, Vilnius Vartai became the center of the business community, gathering both large Lithuanian companies and growing start-up businesses.


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  • +370 688 80 586
  • Maironio street 11, Vilnius, LT
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